Below the bug reports, you’ll see the FAQs. If your question isn’t on here, comment on the page, and I’ll add it to the list and answer it.


Downloaded your spreadsheet before the dates the updates were listed here? No worries! Just email your spreadsheet to me at arukiyomi AT gmail DOT com, and I’ll update it and send it straight back.

v 6.0
08 Sep 18
Added 10 new books for the 2018 edition. If you’ve already purchased v 5, email me at arukiyomi AT and I’ll send you v 6 for free. It’s easy to update to the new version.

Updated lengths of 1001 Nights and Pilgrimage which were far too short.
Fixed wrong title for 2666 which was i2666
Fixed wrong author for Once and Future King from John White to T.H. White.
Added instructions to Help tab showing how to upgrade from v 5 to v6. Removed auto-filters as they were causing performance problems. Was able to unlock the books sheet as a result.

v 5.1
23 Jun 13
Books Sheet: In converting to Office 2013 meant that an updated version I placed on my site on the 12th of June was locked by Office and so the password I created was no longer recognised. Spreadsheets downloaded this time will get a Runtime error message when the book list filter is used.

15 May 13
Books Sheet: Fixed a bug that prevented sorting the books list in Excel 2010.

03 Mar 13
Books Sheet: Added w option for marking books status as a wishlist in the old r/tbr column which was renamed Status
Books Sheet: Added blue colouring in the Last Edition column to indicate the Essential (books that have been in every edition of the list). To show only the Essential list, use the filter dropdown on the Last Edition column and filter by the blue colour.

v 5.0
27 Feb 13
Books Sheet: After #1263 Small Island, #1264 2666 seems to be missing. It’s actually there but the autofilter function hides it because it assumes it is a number.

23 Feb 13
Books Sheet: Setting Labyrinths to r or tbr changes the colour of The Girl With Green Eyes
Stats Sheet: Calculations for time left to read are incorrect.
Stats Sheet: The Golden Notebook is listed as having 55 pages instead of 550.

22 Feb 13
Stats Sheet: Calculations for 2012 average rating are incorrect.
Getting Started Sheet: “Books You Must See” instead of “Books You Must Read”.

Can I pay any other way than by PayPal?

No. There is no other way to pay for the spreadsheet I’m afraid. PayPal is very secure and makes international payments very easy. You can also use it even if you don’t have a PayPal account by using your credit or debit card. 

I paid but didn’t get a download link. What do I do?

If you don’t get a link, you can email me at arukiyomi AT gmail DOT com and I’ll send you the spreadsheet by email. However, please note that if you pay by eCheque, you won’t get a download link. Instead, I have to wait for your eCheque to clear. When it does, I’ll get a notification from PayPal and will send your spreadsheet by email. If you don’t hear from me within a few days of paying, email me. 

Will there be spreadsheets or apps for any other 1001 titles?

There used to be a 1001 Movies Spreadsheet and iPhone apps for both Movies and Books. No one bought the Movies Spreadsheet so I stopped bothering with that. The iPhone apps were really popular but the publishers hated me and refused to support further development of them including a detailed plan and offer of $5,000 of my own money for Android versions. In the end, I had to pull them from sale. 

My hard drive crashed / dog ate / I destroyed my spreadsheet. Can I have another?

Sorry to hear that. You can have another, but you’ll have to buy the spreadsheet again from this site. To prevent this happening, do make sure you back up your spreadsheet on a different drive.