0207 | Dubliners – James Joyce

Context: Finished this off in the middle of a 1 mile run. Target: 3 miles in half an hour.

Haven’t read any short stories for a long time so it was good to get back into the genre with an audiobook from librivox.org. With Dubliners as the focus of my foray, it wasn’t just good, it was excellent.

I’ve not read any of Joyce before and I know that some of his work is less than accessible. But the collection of 15 short stories that makes up this collection is an absolutely wonderful portrait of the range of the human condition.

There are characters and storylines for absolutely everyone from politics at both national and neighbourhood level, to love between friends and spouses – or the absence of it.

And each story is such a lovely vignette in itself. Truly lovely.

As you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed this romp through the range of reality that is the human character.

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  1. Well I read your *Context* comment and wondered about your abiltiy to read whilst in the middle of one mile run. Then reading further I realise that this was being listened to as opposed to read. Audio books do have there place and allow us to enjoy books at the same time as getting on with other aspects of life. I have just finished listening to Chonicles Volume 1 by Bob Dylan and read by Sean Penn and his narration is sublime. Great to have you back and trust you enjoyed your time down under.

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