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Downloads of v3.3 and earlier versions have finished now, and the links below no longer go anywhere. Version 4 has been released. Check out the v4 page for more details.

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1001 Books to Read Before You Die - new edition

Thanks to all of you and your feedback, I’m rolling out v3 of the spreadsheet today a month short of the spreadsheet’s 2nd anniversary. This edition includes

  • Wikipedia/Google Books hyperlinks: updated these where new information had become available.
  • Amazon links: deleted these because, quite frankly, they bring in virtually nothing and clutter up the spreadsheet. The only people making money from links to Amazon are Amazon.
  • Toned down graphics: Not as garish as it used to be!
  • Better filtering: your feedback means the new version filters tbr and r columns along with your titles.
  • Frozen top section: Headings and totals at the top are now frozen in place so that you can see them when you scroll down.
  • Totals sheet: Another request that I’ve included is that now you get a separate sheet that lists progress with both lists together for the die hard reading challengers among us.

I’ve just pipped the 200 mark at 205 books with 86 to be read. What about you?


Just click the button you need below or right click and Save Target As…. You should get a zip file (because IE7 can’t cope with Excel 2007 files being downloaded any other way). You’ll need to unzip the file to get a save-able copy. If not, it will be a read-only copy. That’s no problem either. If it’s read only then use Save As… and give it your own filename.

Please note that if you can’t figure it out and want me to email you a copy, you’ll need to provide me with as much info as possible about why you can’t open the spreadsheet and what program, OS, browser etc you’re using before I’ll oblige. Help me to help you! Cheers.


I’ve entered in all my r and tbr cells but the totals don’t change. Why is this?
You need to save the file. Once you do, it will calculate the values at the top of the spreadsheet.

Why can’t I save the file?
Did you read the instructions above? You need to extract it first before you can save it.

If you truly cannot get either version to work, comment on this thread. Include your email and let me know which version you want. I’ll send you one as an attachment.

If anyone wants to thank me for this, get in touch. That tbr list can hold more!

Version History:

  • v1.0 – released 30 May 2007
  • v2.0 – released 30 August 2008
  • v2.1 – released 30 December 2008 – 2008 list reordered to actual updated edition, 2 books added that were missed off 2008 list, 2 books moved from 2008 list to 2006 list.
  • v3.0 – released 30 April 2009 – removed amazon links, improved filtering, added frozen panes, added totals sheet, changed graphics
  • v3.1 – released 01 May 2009 – dealt with some typos, corrected formulas to actually give reading rates for those lists alone, changed feedback link to v3 page (all thanks to Plekter!)
  • v3.2 – released 19 May 2009 – removed an erroneous entry to Ken Kesey from the removed list (thanks to Steven!)
  • v3.3 – released 19 June 2009 – changed totals that formulas were using to calculate – my bad (thanks to Daniel for pointing this out. Great attention to detail man.)
  • Hopefully that’s it for a while!

  • v4 – released ?? March 2010 -a whole slew of new features. Check out the version 4 page for more…


Downloads of v3.3 and earlier versions have finished now, and the links below no longer go anywhere. Version 4 is on its way. Check out the v4 page for more details.

thanks for your interest


Download Excel 2007 version of Arukiyomi's spreadsheet

Download Excel 2003 version of Arukiyomi's spreadsheet

Download Totals:
version 1 – Excel 03 – 05/07 to end 08/08: 17,953
version 2 – Excel 07 – 08/08 to end 03/09: 6478
version 2 – Excel 03 – 08/08 to end 03/09: 3790
version 3 – Excel 07 – 04/09 to end 05/09: 992
version 3 – Excel 03 – 04/09 to end 05/09: 601
TOTAL: 29814

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