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Some metaphorical small print: this spreadsheet was designed and tested on a Windows PC and with Excel 2010 and 2013. No guarantees are given that the spreadsheet will function correctly on a different OS, with different Microsoft Office versions or with other spreadsheet software. No refunds are available for incompatibility issues.

Official 1001 Books Spreadsheet v5
Official 1001 Books Spreadsheet v5
  • all the changes since the new edition was published in October 2012
  • page numbers (to the nearest 50 pages) for every book
  • publication dates for every book
  • autofiltering on titles and authors' surnames to make finding books a breeze
  • sort by title, author, date, edition and more
  • enter dates you finished books
  • see how long the remainder of the list will take in days, hours and minutes
  • an import tab so you can keep all your data from v4
Price: £3.49