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After battling my way through Naked Lunch, I wasn’t sure what to expect from my second Burroughs novel. It wasn’t half as bad though thankfully.

It’s the story of a man who becomes an addict. No more, no less. It’s got to be autobiographical in parts. It’s purely descriptive writing of the way into drugs and how the addict loses any sense of a way out. For example, early in the book, Burroughs explains how using weed keeps you clear of a habit and to stop smoking leaves you will no ill-effects whatever. Later though, he describes how difficult it is for him to kick his weed habit.

It’s a fairly interesting story in a voyeurish sort of way. Watching someone’s life fall-apart as the descend into substance dependency isn’t joyful reading. But it does serve to highlight the hold that substances can have on you if you mess with them.

What made this for me though was the fact that I listened to Burroughs himself reading it. Whatever damage a lifetime of drugs did to the man, it made his voice one of the most fascinating you’ll ever hear. I highly recommend the audio version.

I was born in 1914 in a soldi three-story brick house in a large midwest city.

Yage may be the final fix.

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