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0664 | City Primeval | Elmore Leonard

0664 | City Primeval | Elmore Leonard post image

Context: Sold our balcony gardening stuff while reading this.

I’m writing this a good 11 months after finishing this novel. It was the first Elmore Leonard I’d read and shortly afterwards, I also read LaBrava. The latter has eclipsed the former in my memory and, sadly for posterity, I did not make an audio recording of my thoughts on finishing it as I did for all the other novels I was reading at the time.

But it’s enough to simply say that despite reading a number of synopses of the plot and reviews of the book, Primeval has left almost no trace in my memory.

I can’t remember what I thought of the plot, the characters, how readable it was. I can remember nothing of what I thought Leonard was trying to do in the novel, nor can I remember whether it made any impression on me at all at the time.

I’m guessing that whatever little impression it made evaporated soon afterward. This is interesting considering I can remember a good deal of LaBrava. I’m not therefore going to complete my usual review radar for this one though. I’m simply going to leave you with the recommendation to read LaBrava rather than Primeval if you want to read only one Leonard.

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