0658 | The Left-Handed Woman | Peter Handke


A strange novel that faded from my memory within a few days of reading it. My third short novel in a row and, like the others, it runs out of pages before it really gets anywhere.

In this case though, that’s probably for the best.

A woman living with her son in a cardboard cut out of a town welcomes her husband back from a business trip. They decide to go out for dinner and while their eating decide to end their marriage.

None of this seems in any way suprising. She raises her son for a bit while a visiting publisher tries to start a relationship with her but gets no further than the doorstep.

It’s a page-turner primarily because you just want to turn pages to make it stop. What the hell it’s got to do with being left-handed is beyond me.

It felt like a stop-motion animation film of playmobile figures. That’s the best way to describe it, and as for what it’s about, well I guess it’s about being German.

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