0653 | Everything You Need | A. L. Kennedy


This one really got me. Maybe it was because I was also reading the abonimable In Search of Klingsor at the time, a novel that would make any other author appear talented.

Nathan is a writer with a past living on a remote Welsh island only reachable by boat and only peopled by his literate peers. His past starts to catch up with him though when aspiring writer Mary Lamb appears, his estranged daughter.

This leads to a game of cat and mouse as Nathan, fully aware of his fatherhood, makes his way closer and closer to the daughter his guilt won’t let him confess to.

It’s a moving story that is very well written if a little drawn out. If you find it a bit slow going at first, persevere with it. Kennedy has a real knack of portraying the inner emotions of her characters. You develop a deep sympathy for Nathan and can’t help but feel for him as a fellow insider to the trauma wrenching his heart around.

The writing is mesmeric at times. I had glimpses of The Sea, The Sea and The Unconsoled throughout which was a very comforting experience. For this alone I’d recommend it, but with the addition of a moving family drama, this is a novel that will reach many hearts.

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