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0624 | Three Trapped Tigers | Guillermo Cabrero Infante

0624 | Three Trapped Tigers | Guillermo Cabrero Infante post image

Context: Bought us a fan to keep the costs down on the AC. Electricity price has tripled in a year in Bahrain!!

Nothing to see here people. Move along.

At least, if you’ve read any Sterne (1759) or later Joyce or Tristram Shandy (review forthcoming) or Ulysses (1904) in particular, you will find all this (1967) has been done long, long before, and it will start to pale on you very shortly after you begin the novel.

Worse, though, is that it hails from Latin America, an area of the world I’ve long had no literary inspiration from, with one minor exception. That only compounded my misery.

In fact, I’m betting the only reason it’s on the 1001 books list is its Cuban origin, as if to say, “Look, they finally figured out how to write copy crazy stuff over there, too.”

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