0505 | The Diary of a Nobody | George & Weedon Grossmith


This is a wonderful little breather from the typical weighty tome on the 1001 Books list. A lighthearted look at urban Victorian everyday life with a character which has had a massive influence on British comedy ever since he was created.

Mr Charles Pooter sees the world in his own unique way. No one else quite gets it nor behaves quite the proper way. This is a constant source of astonishment to Pooter who assumes that they must all be quite mad.

If you’ve read that and are thinking Bertie Wooster, Basil Fawlty, Mr Bean (or even, depending on how broad your appreciation of British humour is, The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass) you’re now beginning to understand the influence that this diary, first serialised in the now defunct satirical magazine Punch, had on British humour. I’m sure that it’s this which gives it its place on the 1001 Books list.

It’s a very easy read. I don’t have a progress chart for this from Goodreads because I read it in practically one sitting cover to cover. Pooter is such an amusing fellow and he manages to conjure the simplest of social affairs into sagas that lag on for days and days.

Throughout the diary is illustrated by Weedon’s characterful pen and ink drawings. With a first name like Weedon, we have a clue as to where his sense of humour came from.

Anyway, I digress. This is a charming read and one which definitely has its place in the seminal history of British humour.


My dear wife Carrie and I have just been a week in our new house, “The Laurels”, Brickfield Terrace, Holloway – a nice six-roomed residence, not counting basement, with a front breakfast parlour.


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