0492 | Rameau’s Nephew | Denis Diderot


This was not for me. A philosophical treatise comparing the viewpoints of a moralist with an amoralist set up as a chance meeting of two guys in a cafe. I found the whole thing pretty tedious to listen to although Diderot occasionally put together a nimble turn of phrase that made me chuckle.

I appreciate that this was an important book at the time, mostly because it pushed the boundaries of what was considered possible in a novel, and it was influential for that. On the whole though, this was one that will not long remain in my memory and I’m glad I’ve put behind me.

Thankfully it’s short, but it’s very dated and constant references to characters, events and ideas that I’ve no clue about didn’t help. If you are going to read this, I suggest you pick up an edition that has notes and stuff o help you make sense of it all, if you can be bothered that is.


No matter what the weather, rain or shine, it’s my habit every evening at about five o’clock to take a walk around the Palais Royal.


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