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I have no idea where this book came from. I just discovered it there yesterday so thought I’d give it a go. Mrs Arukiyomi must have picked it up at some point.

Now if there are three things I really, really like the title speaks for me. Unfortunately this means…

that I won’t be recommending this book very strongly to anyone. I have to be honest and declare my hand right at the start here. I don’t do very well with much modern Christian literature. When you consider the traditions of writing in the church, the pinnacles of excellence that we’ve seen over the last two millenia, so much of what we’ve got rolling off the Christian presses these days is pure tosh – absolute drivel.

But, as I’ve said, the title would appeal to any red-blooded Christian man and so off I went. He begins, as do so many, by establishing a Bible premise for the book. Look, if any of you out there are budding Christian non-fiction authors, let me say it plain and say it loud: this is really boring. I’d rather you just say what you want to say, as Paul did, and let me evaluate it against the word of God as the Bereans did.

Mahaney focusses on Song of Songs and says nothing profound unless you’ve either never read it for yourself or you come from a church tradition where holding hands is frowned upon before marriage. Then he gets into the practical stuff and things improve.

One quote worth sharing is the nub of the whole book: “Before you touch her body, touch her heart and mind.” Asking whether “your passion for your wife still obvious to everyone,” he gives some good practical suggestions on how to draw closer to her including having written info about what delights your wife in several areas including sex, fears, hopes, relationships and, of course, sex. Taking the time to collate this info would in itself generate intimacy, but he rightly cautions that our wives are not projects but people.

For those that wonder what he says about sex, that is pretty much it. For Mahaney, sex is communication – intercourse – and the process outlined above is not a precursor to successful sex but an integral part of it. I agree and it was good to be reminded of this.

The book ends with a couple of chapters from his wife who focusses on things from the female perspective.

So, not a classic by a long long way but some may find it a useful read, particularly iof they’re just starting out on the joyful journey that is marriage with Christ.

A smile crossed the king’s face as he dipped his quill into the inkwell one last time.

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And now gentlemen, let’s get busy touching our wives… for the glory of God.

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  1. Your second paragraph echoes something I said in someone’s comments yesterday. She received a Muslim book anonymously in the mail. I told her I’ve received a couple Christian self-help books anonymously in the mail, and I was disappointed that my anonymous donor wouldn’t realize I’d be more likely to read the actual Bible. Why didn’t they just send that? Or at least some respected Christian philosopher or something. Though we probably have most of the more known books like that already.

    I have to agree with this Mahaney guy, though, that sex is communication.

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