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0468 | ADMT IX: The Military Philosophers | Anthony Powell

0468 | ADMT IX: The Military Philosophers | Anthony Powell post image

Context: Was reading this as we explored the delights of Tbilisi, Georgia.

Not my favourite in the series by any means, this volume charts the end of the war and Nick’s subsequent demobbing.

The writing carries on in its normal vein with the usual insight into a whole host of characters excepting the narrator himself. Widmerpool features heavily of course and a certain romantic attachment gets more focus than usual. There are however lots of passages dealing with the all to unfascinating intricacies of Allied administration. These bored the pants off me.

To liven things up, there’s an air raid seen from the roof of a block of flats with a nice range of characters responding to it including the apocalyptic Mrs Erdleigh.

I doubt anyone would mark this as the most readable of the lot, but it is significant in introducing Pamela Flitton who plays a significant and certainly dramatic role as the book nears its terminus.


Towards morning the teleprinter’s bell sounded.


This might reveal the ending. If you want to see the quote, click show

PROGRESS military
RATING I’m confining myself to one rating for the entire 12-volume series rather than rating each part separately.


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