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0081 | The Shack ~ William Young


Context: My mate Chuck suggested I read this. I read it in a day
as that’s all the time I had at his house in Kumamoto, Japan.
Not bad but certainly nowhere near as good as I’d been led to believe by the comments of some others who’d read it, this book follows the tradition of Christian allegory but adds in some metaphysical twists.

There were some powerful chapters where typical views of God are challenged and exploded. I’m not sure the average cynic will be convinced but the book isn’t aimed at them anyway. It’s aimed firmly at Christians who have hang-ups (who doesn’t) and hang-ups specifically because of their misunderstanding of God’s character.It’s a book I feel Christians these days should not only read but deal with in their lives. Just reading it won’t actually make it worthwhile. This is a book that leads us to consider what we need to BE more than what we need to DO.For example, it questions whether we need to call ourselves “followers of Christ” beacuse following is to do something.The alternative would be to exist as a “medium of Christ” or, to put it another way, a vessel for the personality, gifts and power of Christ through us.It’s definitely one that inspires serious thought for the average Christian and would work well as material to read with others for discussion and spiritual exploration.I’d also recommend it to non-Christians because it challenges the misconceptions they have too.

March unleashed a torrent of rainfall after an unusually dry winter.

Kind of gives the game away so… show

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