0136 | Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson


Context: flowers from Kathy for Mrs Arukiyomi’s birthday which were decorating our room as I read this.

While everyone else was reading this in my childhood, I was tucking in to the Gulag Archipelago and Shogun. I missed out on the classics completely including so-called children’s classics of which this is about the first I’ve ever read.

Wasn’t bad at all although I do find the conversational episodes a bit tiresome and hard to follow and there’s some scary vocabulary in there for any of today’s children:quoth, cant and molestation anyone? I don’t know how the modern parent would define that last world for the 21st c. child!

Squire Trelawney, Dr Livesey, and the rest of these gentlemen having asked me to write down the whole particulars of Treasure Island, from the beginning to the end, keeping nothing back but the bearings of the island, and that only because there is still treasure not yet lifted, I take up my pen in the year of grace 17-, and go back to the time when my father kept the ‘Admiral Benbow’ inn, and the brown old seaman, with the sabre cut, first took up his lodging under our roof.

Oxen and wain ropes would not bring me back again to that accursed island; and the worst dreams that I ever have are when I hear the surf booming about its coasts, or start upright in bed, with the voice of Captain Flint still ringin in my ears: ‘Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!’

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A Fool’s Reading Errand

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