0116 | Hind’s Feet on High Places – Hannah Hurnard


Context: Read this a chapter as a time as part of my daily devotional and finished it
on the plane back from Portugal to the UK.

This is one of those Christian classics that you’ve heard about for years but few people have actually read cover to cover. A friend let me choose from a box of books going free and so I picked myself up a copy. Glad I did.

If you’ve read Pilgrim’s Progress, and, whatever your faith, I strongly recommend you do, you will be at home in the language of Hind’s Feet.

It charts the progress of a girl called Much Afraid who leaves the Valley of Humiliation and begins a journey that takes her to the High Places where she lives in spiritual freedom from the fears that dog her back where she started.

On the way she meets all sorts of characters a la Bunyan such as Sorrow and Suffering, her companions and her cousin Craven Fear who tries to do his best to dissuade her from her journey.

But she wins through and there are plenty of spiritual lessons to learn for the reader. It’s a touching tale and improved by Hurnard’s ability to weave in verses, in her own style, from the Biblical book of the Song of Songs.

In all, this is an enduring classic because it allows any Christian to see what the Christian life is really all about. It dates from a time when people counted the cost more before they began their Christian journey and is a reminder to the church today that there cannot be progress in our lives without a death to our own desires.

I read a chapter a day as part of my devotional and I would recommend this method.

This is the story of how Much Afraid escaped from her Fearing relatives and went with the Shepherd to the High Places where ‘perfect love cast out fear.’

But for Grace and Glory, it was the beginning of a new song altogether.

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