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0212 | The Postman Always Rings Twice – James M. Cain

Context: finished off a huge bar of Dairy Milk while reading this. Thought I’d better get some before Cadbury’s stops being British forever…

This is a definitive novel. There’s so so many other stories that have come out of this that came to mind as I was reading it. For such a short book to have such influence is quite something. Cain was way way ahead of his time when he wrote it.

It’s a crime novel in a kind of In Cold Blood meets Catcher in the Rye meets On the Road kind of style if that makes sense. It’s got twists and turns in it that would make Hitchcock proud and a sparsity that must have been Hemingway-inspired.

Why is it that so many short novels are so very good?

This is a very important novel to understand the development of US literature and I’m very glad I read it. The violence and sex in it which saw it banned on publication in some states seem tame now so there’s nothing surprising in there for the modern reader in that sense.

But as a story and for its style, it defines an era of literature.

They threw me off the hay truck about noon.

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