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0185 | Thank You, Jeeves – P.G.Wodehouse

Thank You, Jeeves

Context: On the bookshelf along with this were several other first edition Wodehouse hardbacks, some with very good dustjackets from the 1930s. Lovely.

I couldn’t help thinking of Huxley’s Crome Yellow as I read this. It’s not a patch on that of course, but Wodehouse is at his best here with wry wit and classic humour.

It all seems over for Jeeves and Wooster at the start. Inevitably it all works out in the end and there are a few unexpected surprises on the way. Although the two had appeared in story form, this was their first novel.

This is a very quick read despite it not being too short. It’s Wodehouse style. If you just want to escape for an hour or two into a totally different world, this is the perfect book.

One thing about this one though is that you have to bite your tongue a bit over references throughout to “niggers” and overdramatic reactions to the aforesaid. That’s just a sign if the times back then in Britain.

I’ve read one of the Jeeves books before but can’t remember which. I know enough now to see the formula and applaud Wodehouse for creating the marvellous Yin and Yang of Jeeves and Wooster. But a couple of books is enough for me.

I was a shade perturbed.

“Not at all, sir.”

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