0079 | Captain Corelli’s Mandolin ~ de Bernières


Context: Took on the plane to Sri Lanka with me. Nearly finished it by the time we’d arrived.
I really liked this actually. I wasn’t prepared to having seen the film but, as it differs so much, I did actually enjoy it.

I like books where the writer puts on more than one hat and has a go at different styles of writing. de Bernières does it really well I think with letters, alternative points of view, diatribes and normal narration. In all, I found the book very moving, poignant and liked the way it gave so much perspective on the different cultural aspects of the people involved in Kefalonia during and after WW2.

I thought it explored some good themes such as morality in the face of horrendous decisions, what love is all about and the extremes of human nature.

Dr. Iannis had enjoyed a satisfactory day in which none of his patients had died or got any worse.


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